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An experimental art festival

An experimental art festival

“SET” is a gathering of artists from variety of mediums that are concerned with experimenting with the relationship between art and technology as well as mediums themselves. We hope to create an atmosphere in which the artists will be able to create, experiment and present artworks that may or may not use more than one medium as their basis for presentation. In this way we aspire to make new connections between artists and their audience as well.
The main headquarters of SET is in Tehran, the metropolis at the heart of Iran but we refuse to be stuck in one city and hope that in the future we may expand and have separate events in other cities as well as other countries.

CODON interactive media initiated SET as an experimental art festival on April 2015 with a vision to explore and experiment the possibilities of the relationship between art and technology in form of Audio/Visual Performances. As a new born art festival the first year was curated by the studio, gathering iranian and international artists to present their experiments and projects to the audience. The projects presented by the artists came in different mediums from an interactive light sculpture on stage to real time laser visuals. Aside from holding the event, CODON also took care of the creative direction of the festival along with designing a continues and Innovative promotional campaign including logo design, web site, tickets, posters, stickers and the stage design.



Shapes have an endless variety of characteristics, each communicating different messages to the audience. Having said that, using the shape “circle” in this case tends to project a positive emotional message. Using circle as the main shape for the whole campaign suggests community, friendship and unity. Rings have an implication of partnership, suggesting stability and endurance. Which was the closest to the vision we had.



One of the challenges as we started planning and designing the campaign was to have the audience take something home to remember the festival by. So we decided to set a mode for each performance, asking visual artists to send us a key image of their project as the main mode of that specific performance. the result was 8 circles for 8 shows with an image implemented inside representing the performance. And we started using them for stickers as well as the tickets. Each show had its own specific ticket designed with the mentioned modes attached on the side so after ripping off the ticket the audience could keep the circle.

SETFEST15 – Tehran from PUSH on Vimeo.

Currently CODON is planning to contribute to the next edition of the festival as an active partner and creative director.