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PERSIL Product Lunch

Augmented Reality Installation

Augmented Reality Installation

Interactive installation that lived as the core of marketing campaign for the line of products manufactured by laundry detergent company Persil. Incorporating a suite of features like body detection, augmented reality, online user registration and Telegram bot integration.

In another collaboration with Click-Ad Group, CODON was chosen to deliver an audience-engaging element for Persil’s campaign “Rakhtestaan”. The campaign told the stories of different type of clothings that talked to the customers about their rights as cloths, each carrying a message about the unique qualities of Persil products. For the Out-Of-Home (OOH) section of the campaign, CODON proposed an Interactive Installation that would bring those characters to the real world, using Augmented Reality and a range of other technologies. Installed at shopping centers in Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz, the unique AR experience attracted users in a brand new way.

The main component was a booth that held all the necessary bits and pieces inside. A 55” LFD faced the audience and displayed the view of a camera looking against the booth. When idle, there was a view of Persil’s logo hanging in mid-air in the location of the installation. The content helped to draw the attention of the people passing by. At first the audience were asked to enter their info (name, phone number and email address) in a custom-developed Android app installed on a tablet attached to the booth. When confirmed, all of the user’s data were registered in an online database for next steps of the campaign. Afterwards the app asked them to approach the display to begin their experience.


When someone approached the display, using depth sensors, their presence and position was detected and a sequence of activities was initiated. Using the name they entered in the previous step, they were greeted and asked to stand on a marked area in front of the display. This ensured the suitable distance from the sensors and LFD. After a short intro, a virtual face was augmented on their clothes. Following the user’s body shape and movements, the face talked about “Clothing Rights” and delivered the campaign messages. After each message an interactive part was performed; flowers falling down and colliding with the users, removal of virtual dirty spots on their clothes using hand gestures and sparkles appearing on certain parts of their clothes.



As the last step, a souvenir photograph was taken that involved all of the campaign’s characters and the user together. When done, the photograph was automatically sent to the user’s email address with a message from Persil. As an extra level to user engagement, a Telegram Bot was developed that sent the users their photos when prompted.

An array of technologies was utilized in this project. Microsoft Kinect V2 was used as the sensory input and via Computer Vision procedures, it gave us the ability to see, detect and follow the audience. For the online registration and Telegram Bot development, back-end technologies such as PHP and MySQL were employed to deliver the best result in the shortest time frame. The Android app was developed in Java and the main AR software was developed and run natively in C++.