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Interactive Video-mapping Installation

Interactive Video Mapping Installation for the Danish pharmaceutical company Novonordisk including Android app development, content creation and projection mapping.


Commissioned by Click Ad-group, CODON took the responsibility of creating an interactive installation for the Danish pharmaceutical company Novonordisk. The task was to deliver an installation that the audience could engage with and at the same time learn about the different types of insulin pens that the company manufactures. After a few design iterations, we came up with the idea of an interactive video mapping installation which focused on the whole catalogue visually and using a mobile application could deliver the necessary information about each pen individually.


The work consisted of an Android tablet running a custom-developed application. Running in parallel was a video mapping installation which displayed a glass capsule that contained the three insulin pens. At the first layer of interaction, The users could select one of the pens as their target. The capsule would then rotate around its axis until the selected pen was facing the audience. Simultaneously on the mobile app, the pens sweeped out of the screen and the user was confronted by a range of different icons, each representing a feature of the respective pen. By choosing an icon, the video mapping content exhibited a series of related information concerning the selected pen.


Using native android development, we ensured optimum performance for the mobile application. The tablet and the mapping application (which was running on a seperate computer) communicated with TCP messages, a reliable and insured way of messaging. The video mapping software was developed in C++ for maximum performance and stability.