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Atieh Saba

Interactive Introduction Application

Multi-touch Application+Custom Video Server

Interactive installation made for the chain hotel company Atiyeh Saba Investment Co., consisting of a multi-touch application and a custom-made video server.

Our long time client Click Ad-group commissioned us to design and develop an interactive installation for the chain hotel owner Atiyeh Saba Investment Co. that would focus on introducing their range of hotels spread across various cities in Iran. The installation was to be exhibited at Iran Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference (IHTIC) inside the company’s booth. The result was a fun activity that demonstrated details about each hotel in an interactive and informative way.

The work consisted of two interconnected sections. The first section was made of a multitouch table equipped with a custom-developed bilingual application and the second part was a massive LFD placed in front of the table. The multitouch software displayed an overview of Iran’s map with each hotel’s location marked geographically. The UI consisted of a language selection menu, a guide button and most importantly a controller dial. The dial was surrounded with the different provinces that had hotels inside. The user could either zoom in manually or by selecting a province to zoom in on a location automatically. As a fluid interaction, the user would then grab the marker and throw it to the LFD display facing him/her. Through this action an informative video about the selected hotel would play on the LFD display. At the same time the controller dial transformed and let the users control the playback of the video. When done or cancelled, the installation reverted to its initial situation.


Both the multitouch map application and the video server were developed in Java and used TCP messaging over wifi network for a wireless coordination of actions.