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Apt. No.12

Artist Negar Farajiani came to us for making an interactive installation , a living mechanism

The idea was to make a playground made with furniture and home supplies (carpet, couch etc.) that had to come to life with a touch of a dreamy atmosphere. Using multiple Computer Vision techniques CODON made the playground equipments generate music when played with.



The Swing
A webcam was placed on the side of the swing. It’s video feed was driven to a custom software allowing the tracking of the swing and measuring its angle with the ceiling. For each change in the angle’s sign an OSC message was generated and sent to the sound generating system.

The Seesaw
A certain point on the seesaw was set for a custom software. The software would then follow that point thus tracking the seesaw’s movements. Again an OSC message was submitted to the sound making mechanism.

The Slide
Using a Kinect and another self-made software we realized the positions of children on the slide’s steps in realtime. A certain OSC message was generated based on the user’s place on the steps and sent to the sound system.
The Sound Generating system
Utilizing the messages submitted wirelessly from the tracking softwares, a music was generated in a specific scale and progressed throughout the installation.

Apt.12 , NO.1 from Negar Farajiani on Vimeo.